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This route starts in Serra do Topo, next to the car park, close to the Wind Farm. Start by walking the trail, flanked by hydrangeas, until next to a water tank. Then, go down the shortcut, among species of endemic flora such as heather, cedar do bush, mountain grape, Captain's herb, among others. The descent alternates a floor dug in the earth with a cobblestone floor, and you will pass close to a water line, with the possibility of visiting a waterfall, at kilometer 3.25 of the route. Continue on the cobbled descent

With a length of 54 kilometers and a maximum width of 6.9 kilometers, São Jorge appears as a long volcanic mountain range stretching from northwest to southeast. Its total area is 243.9 km2 and is home to 9,171 inhabitants (2011 data). The island of São Jorge is part of the Central Group and is one of the vertices of the so-called “triangle islands”, together with Faial and Pico, from which it is 18.5 km away. The highest point on the island, at an altitude of 1053 m, is located on

With international fame and a taste that is said to be unsurpassed, the Cheese from the Island of São Jorge is probably the most famous gastronomic product in the Azores. The Union of Agricultural and Dairy Cooperatives of São Jorge, located in Beira, works as a home for the curing, classification and certification processes of the cheese produced on the island. The Denomination of Origin is only attributed to specimens that comply with traditional ingredients and methods. It is believed that the production of cow's milk cheese dates back to

In the good Azorean way, Santa Catarina tuna preserves the best of nature, guaranteeing the best taste of tuna, as well as its nutritional properties, which are proven in each of our specialties. With our suggestions and your personal touch, you have everything you need to prepare surprising starters or even real delicacies. Santa Catarina fillets are characterized by their mild and slightly salty flavor, soft texture and pink color. They can be accompanied with fresh vegetables and seasoned with virgin olive oil.

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